Project Update

It was an abrupt end to the snowmobile season this year with the closing of the trails and restricting travel up north due to COVID-19.  No matter how much planning we do with our projects and our lives, I don’t think anyone expected 2020 to take the shape it has.  However, the sun is starting to feel warm and the snow is mostly gone.  Soon we will be enjoying the summer months and hopefully regain some normalcy in our lives, however that may be.

The following is just a quick update on the project areas to let you all know where we left off and where we are heading for the 2020-2021 season.

Cranberry to Snow Lake Trail

We have made alot of progress! The trail development started in early March in Cranberry Portage. About 80 percent of the work is completed. Infrastructure Team lead, Jim Sloboda has provided a more detail update (with pictures) HERE

SledMB53 Branding

Our brand launch originally scheduled for this past March will take place in the fall, providing it is safe to do so. During the launch, we will be promoting: SledMB53 Brand Design and Logo Toques with logo distributed to all committee members Toques available to purchase with proceeds going back to the northern trails SlebMB53 Product Website Community Ambassador Team Snowmobile Friendly Communities Program

Community Ambassadors

We have confirmed most of our community ambassadors and would like to thank Rob Vipond (The Pas), Heidi Mote (Flin Flon/Creighton), Jim Sloboda (Snow Lake), Kelly Martens (Thompson) and Britany Bjerke (Cranberry Portage) for taking on this role!

Feature Ambassador - Rob Vipond:

Rob founded the Kelsey Trail Snow Riders back in the early 70’s and he is still at it!  He was the Northern Director of SnoMan for many years.  Rob has always been heavily involved in snowmobiling – involved in the snowmobile business and/or dealer since the late 60’s.  “A lifetime of great memories, and fantastic people,
I look forward to many more”

Travel Manitoba Photo/Video Tour

Joey Traa from Travel Manitoba has shared his photos and videos from his trip up north in early March for us to use.  You can view these as well by clicking the link  HERE.  Joey reported that he had a great time and a very successful trip up north.  He felt so lucky to have made it up before the travel restrictions!

Special Events

The Special Events Committee is working on planning a group ride to Churchill in the 2021 season. Details of the event will be coming soon for this epic adventure.

Product Development

We are currently working on our product website.  Website features include

  • Interactive community maps to pin amenities available to visitors
  • Current Weather Widget 
  • Preferred Routes and Trip Ideas
  • Ambassadors
  • Trail Information/Safety
  • Links to all organized clubs
  • Links to Travel Manitoba, SnoMan, communities and other partners