Ambassador for Cranberry Portage

Brittany Burke

Hi!  My name is Brittany Burke from Cranberry Portage.  I’ve recently moved to Cranberry Portage.  I enjoy anything that gets me into the outdoors. I am a mother to a bright 4 year old, an avid kayaker come summer, I enjoy hunting in the fall, snowshoeing and snowmobiling in the winter and fishing as much as I can wherever and whenever. I am actively involved in my community and want nothing more than to see it grow and strive to its fullest potential as it is such a beautiful place to live and call home.

At this time, there is no locally organized snowmobile club in our community but I can help with any questions you may have as I am involved in a a few local community groups:

  • Cranberry Portages Tourism Working Group
  • Treasurer of the Cranberry Portage Hiking & Ski Trail Association 
  • Cranberry Portage Local Arena Committee

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