Please find the information about laws, and safety education as it relates to snowmobile operation in Manitoba.

Manitoba's Off-Road Vehicle Act

Provincial laws governing the use of off-road vehicles in Manitoba

Snowman Snowmobilers of Manitoba Inc.

Snoman provides leadership and support to member clubs to develop and maintain safe snowmobile trails in Manitoba. You must have a Snopass from Snoman to ride on designated, groomed trails in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Snowmobile Safety Certification Course

Online training certification is endorsed and promoted by Snoman. A snowmobile operator in Manitoba is not required to take this certification training.

MPI - Snowmobile Licensing

Snowmobiles must be registered through an Autopac agent in Manitoba, or at one of MPI’s Service Centres.

Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations

The Canadian Council of Snowmobile Organizations (CCSO/CCOM) is dedicated to providing leadership and support of safe, organized and environmentally responsible snowmobiling in Canada.