What is the Sled Friendly Program?

The Sled Friendly Program is a certification and training program designed to increase awareness of what makes a sled friendly community & business and the steps that can be taken to be certified as Sled Friendly.

Community Certification

The Sled Friendly Community Certification will show visitors you have made a commitment to providing a safe and accommodating destination for snowmobilers.

Business Certification

The Sled Friendly Business Certification will show potential customers/guests that your business has made the commitment to provide inviting, accommodating, and safe services to snowmobilers. This includes everything from providing a secure place to store their sleds to having a welcoming staff that are aware of the complementary businesses and attractions in your region.

The program is administered through the Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC) and endorsed by Travel Manitoba.

Benefits for Communities and Business that Participate in the Sled Friendly Program

There are many potential incentives for communities and businesses to participate in the Sled Friendly Program. While every community’s and business circumstance will be different, potential benefits from certification could include:

  1. New opportunities to market their Sled Friendly status on the SledMB53 website, provincial organizations website (SnoMan Inc. and Travel Manitoba), and the local snowmobile club’s website (if the club has one) and lastly the communities own tourism website.
  2. Enhanced opportunities to tap into the local snowmobile club, Travel Manitoba and provincial association’s networks for snowmobile tourism marketing and community promotion.
  3. Heightened awareness to snowmobilers that the community is a worthy snowmobiling destination that is accommodating to their needs.
  4. More business and local tax revenues generated within the community from increased snowmobile tourism.
  5. Heightened awareness to snowmobilers that the community’s snowmobile friendly policies make it a safer snowmobiling destination.
  6. Improved safety margins for snowmobilers and the community’s motorists.
  7. Enhanced winter recreation opportunities for the community’s residents and visitors.
  8. Enhanced partnerships with the community’s local snowmobile club for emergency response efforts.
  9. More business income from increased snowmobile tourism.
  10. Use of Sled Friendly logo (window decals and permission to use logo for advertising) pictured bellow:

How to get your Certification

  1. Click on the MTEC link to register your business or community
  2. Select the training you would like to take.
  3. Enter your business / Community details (all fields are required) and click Submit to send your registration.

All account requests will be reviewed, and qualified communities / businesses will be sent an access code to go on-line and take the training.

Certified Businesses

  1. Bakers Narrows Lodge, Flin Flon
  2. Inter Tribal Services Inc., Thompson
  3. Paint Lake Lodge, Paint Lake
  4. Sasagiu Rapids Lodge, Thompson
  5. Snow Lake Motor Inn, Snow Lake
  6. Watchi Bay Enterprises, The Pas
  7. Caribou Lodge, Cranberry Portage
  8. B and C Power Products, The Pas

Certified Communities

  1. Thompson
  2. Snow Lake
  3. Flin Flon
  4. Creighton
  5. Denare Beach
  6. The Pas